Fruits of our Labor

We decided this year would be the year. I researched all winter on how to set up and maintain a container garden. We bought all the items needed to put the plan in motion. Then there was lots of TLC, water, and attention. More research when I found 2 huge green squishy things on my tomatoes. Which were tomato horn worms by the way. Crazy looking but harmless to humans and devastating to tomatoes. Still the plants were growing but nothing was blooming or budding. Until there was. The season isn’t over, but the cherry on top was being able to finally harvest the fruits of our labor. This cucumber was the first that was ripe and ready for picking!

It. Was. So. Delicious. When they say fresh is better…believe them!


*credits: digital scrapbook page made by me using, Tiptoe Thru The Garden designed by Kristin Aagard. 

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3 thoughts on “Fruits of our Labor

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