Wash Your Hands

They say when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. But what happens when life gives you “hand, foot, mouth” virus? You have no choice but to rearrange life so that you can get shit done.

It started October the 7th. My son came home from school and didn’t feel well. He didn’t want dinner and went to bed early. Okay no big deal I thought, he’ll feel better in the morning. And he did. He ate like normal, played his Wii and was doing fine until late afternoon when his sister saw them! The dreaded bumps on his face and hands. But they were very tiny and not quite what I had remembered about “hand, foot, mouth”. I called my mom, because she’s a nurse and she asked some questions, I listened and answered. No he didn’t have a fever, no there weren’t any bumps in his mouth, yes they were on his face and hands. She said it was probably a virus and for him to drink fluids and rest. Okay we can do that.


*credits: digital scrapbook page made by me, using products from The Digital Press


Sunday he woke up and the rash was even worse, so off to the urgent care just to make sure he wasn’t dying. Because it’s not really a good thing for a mom to have a kid die on your watch after all. It was confirmed, he had “hand, foot, mouth” and there’s no treatment except rest, fluids and let the devil run its course. Ugh, great! Just what I needed. I wanted to lock him up in his room and put hazard tape on the door, but mom to the rescue seemed like the way to go. So we stocked up on Gatorade and antibacterial wipes and cleaner. He got 4 days home from school and by Friday the 14th he was looking a lot better and returned his normal life.

However, as moms often do, I caught what he had. October 13th I ended up in the ER due to my heart rate racing, fever, chills, stiffness and achy all over. They ran all kinds of tests and before I was sent home I asked if it could be “hand, foot, mouth” to which the nurse checked me for the rash and said No. It was just a general virus and it would run it’s course. Hmmm, now where had I heard that before?


*credits: digital scrapbook page made by me using, products from The Digital Press

Friday the 14th I felt a LOT better. I only had a sore throat. Life goes on. Or so I thought. Friday night while sleeping my hands and feet had an itchy sensation, and instinctively I knew it wasn’t good. I prayed through my sleep, please don’t let me get “hand, foot, mouth”…please! But Saturday morning there they were, the little red bumps.*insert not-so nice expletive* Thankfully, my husband and I were able to rearrange our lives and he took over duties. ALL. OF. THEM. I was quarantined to the basement entertainment area and watched movies and TV all day, while trying not to scratch my hands.

When they say cases are mild for adults, they’re lying. This shit is horrible. The rash/bumps itch and burn like crazy and there’s pretty much nothing that helps. I tried allergy pills like suggested, and pain pills too. They only mildly helped the situation at hand..and foot. LOL. I was lucky though that I didn’t get any bumps on my face or in my mouth. But the burning and itching of my hands and feet more than made up for that luck. By Sunday I could barely walk my feet were so tender and my hands could barely hold the utensils I had to use. Hubby was the best though, he took care of everything that I usually run in the house, including doing our daughter’s hair Sunday night for school the next morning.

Hubby slept on the air bed next to our bed during the week I was contagious. It was kinda weird, but also nice because he was still in the same room with me. By Friday the 21st I was better. I could walk, I could hold utensils and the bumps were pretty much gone, except for the harden skin it leaves behind. I got to finally leave the house Saturday when we went to get our car serviced and life resumed its normal routine.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since the bumps appeared and I’m now dealing with the aftermath of the harden skin peeling away. It leaves a tender fresh skin underneath. Right now lotion is my best friend. I’m slathering it on all day trying to keep the peeling to a minimum. However for my feet, that’s a different story. If you haven’t had a pedicure in a while, you get an instant one when your feet start peeling. ūüėČ Gross I know. I’m just glad it’s over. I can deal with a little peeling skin.

My son is notorious for not washing his hands. As boys often are. All of this could have been avoided if he would wash his hands more than the few times I catch him and yell at him. The moral of this story is to wash your hands. I’ve been drilling this into him for years now, but after this I think he might have finally learned his lesson. At least we can hope. Because even though the doctors say you’re immune once you have “hand, foot, mouth” …guess what? You’re not. I had this as a child too, but apparently there are different strains of the virus so you might be immune to the virus you had once, but you’re not immune to the other strains of the virus. So again, the moral of the story is to wash your hands. Often!

20161016_174747 Sunday Р10/16

20161019_125108 Wednesday Р10/19

20161022_113335 Saturday Р10/22

20161028_102743 Friday Р10/28 today you can see the peeling on my fingers

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