17 Days to U-Day


17 days, 18 hours, 38 minutes and 24 seconds

That’s what my countdown calculator has from right now as I’m typing this to the day I have my hysterectomy.

That is not long. I had a weird dream about my U-Day (uterus day for those that don’t get it) that had me getting dropped off to the hospital and then going into surgery with my husband on the way. Apparently he wasn’t the one who dropped me off. ROFL

Anyway, I had my pre-op appointment with the doctor who will perform my surgery. He will be doing the da Vinci prodcedure which is an updated version of the laprascopic or dubbed “robotic” surgery. We went over all the risks, how the procedure works and other general information.

I haven’t did much research on the procedure, but I’m sure the next 2 weeks will be filled with lots of Google searches on peoples results with it.

Thanks for reading

♥ Kiana



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