13 Days to U-Day


13 days, 19 hours, 26 minutes and 15 seconds

That’s the official countdown until my U-Day! (hysterectomy)

I’ve started researching everything I can about recovery and life after my hysterectomy. My uterus has been a soldier through all of this. But she’s been wounded in battle and once she’s gone, I’m wondering about life after. Specifically, sex. Hey I’m just being honest.

I’ve been reading about how many woman aren’t able to become aroused, or don’t have the desire, or even worse yet, can’t come to orgasm the same. The contractions from orgasm come from your uterus and without it, there’s a strong possibility that it may be harder for myself and many other women to achieve the same “mind-blowing” results as before. So great….I won’t have a murder scene in my bathroom every month but I may not ever orgasm the same either. Why do medical procedures and medicines always have the worst side effects. I feel like I’m in a bad drug commercial where they tell you to get rid of these symptoms you have to gain this whole new set of symptoms. UGH!

However, to live a better quality of life, U-Day must commence. Such is life I guess.

While I am nervous about the procedure and outcome. I’m also excited. December 2nd marks the release of Childish Gambino’s new album. I’m looking forward to that, what better day to lay to rest my soldier of 39 years than with the release of some great new music. Lol.

Hey I’m just being honest.

Thanks for reading.

♥ Kiana



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