Finally Printing Photos + FREE Chatbook Code


Once I had kids I went camera crazy. I still had a film camera in 2004 when my daughter was born. I remember being so selective in taking photos because I only had 24 or 48 photos on that roll of film. However what I really wanted to do was take All. The. Pictures. I wanted every half smile, yawn, roll, hiccup and more. I wanted to capture every moment I could with that camera. I tried. In turn I spent a lot of money getting those photos printed.

After I had my son the next year, again I wanted to capture all the moments. But as budgets often do after having kids, it got tighter and smaller. Unlike my waist. This was about the time that digital cameras were really becoming more and more prevalent. And in turn getting cheaper to own. I finally got one for Christmas from my dad in 2006. My whole life changed.

I started snapping pics left and right. I was taking hundreds of pictures a day of my kids. I was putting them onto my PC to save them. And that was about it. I wasn’t printing them. They were no longer going into albums. But that didn’t stop me from taking hundreds of photos a day.

The craft of taking pictures and printing them and subsequently putting them into photo albums was changing. I grew up with a camera ready dad. We had tons of albums. Tons of events, holidays, choir programs, and random silly photos and memories inside of those albums. I loved looking through them. As a grown up I still would enjoy looking through them, but memories fade and you forget places or people and why you had that stupid bucket on your head. This is where I went searching for a way to use the tons of photos I was taking to make albums that I could include the story for my kids.

Enter digital scrapbooking. When I found digital scrapbooking I knew this was it. This was the craft of keeping my memories alive for my kids and theirs and so on. I could do something with all those photos finally. I dove in and I haven’t turned back. BUT…I still haven’t printed my photos. They are still inside of my hard drive. Now I have the photos and the digital scrapbook pages I’ve made with stories and all. But printing the albums is Expensive. I have ONE album with 100 pages inside. 100 pages with stories and memories is better than none though.

So I’ve been searching for the cheapest way to get the photos and digital scrapbooking pages off of my hard drive and onto my bookshelves. For all to enjoy and peruse. For memories to be able to looked back on. For stories to be laughed at or cried at. I just want them printed.

Enter Chatbooks.  In 2014 a family started a service to get photos off of social media and into your hands and onto bookshelves. To get the hundreds of photos we take everyday and post to Instagram or Facebook but go no farther than that into albums. The everyday memories. The awesome. The random. The joyous. How do they do it? You can download the app right to your phone (or use the PC) and select where you want your photos to come from. Once you get 60 in that album, you get notification that your mini album is ready to print. The albums are 6×6 and soft cover. You can upgrade to hard covers. But each volume of 60 photos is sent to you for ..get this…ONLY $8. I admit, the price is the first thing I noticed. But once I started reading reviews and watching them on Youtube. I found that families are really loving this product. And it’s helping to get the memories we make out of the digital universe and into our hands for us to enjoy or look back on.

Lol, I sound like an advertisement. I guess because I’m so excited to actually finally get back to having albums of photos of my kids, my family, our memories. I decided to take the plunge. But since I wanted to get some older photos I have on my hard drive into albums first. I took a few days to go back all the way to 2008 when I stopped getting photos printed. I went through each and every photo and made specific Chatbook albums on my Facebook account for each year or couple of years. I curated the most special memories and many of the everyday moments too and uploaded them into the corresponding albums on Facebook. I ended up with 3 albums of 120 photos each. I added captions including the date, place if applicable and a little sentence about what was going on in the photo. Since Chatbooks prints the caption too, now I’ll have a record of the date and what was going on. Once that was done, I went online to Chatbooks through my PC. I clicked the get started button for a series and chose the first album from my Facebook account. 120 photos going back to 2008. You can customize the cover photo which I did. I specified that I wanted the captions printed and then I ordered the series. They asked if I wanted ONE series which would have been 60 photos or both albums for 120 photos. I wanted both since I had a code for one free album. So for $8 I got 2 albums and 120 more memories of our lives into albums. Let me put that into perspective. My scrapbooking album that has 100 pages cost around $75.

Now I’m just waiting for the albums to come. I cannot wait. I’m so excited. I’m hoping this is a solution to get photos into albums for me. I’m going to still scrapbook. But maybe I’ll just be a little more selective in what to scrap and what to print in those albums now. Once I have the albums from Chatbooks I’ll come back for my official review.

In the meantime, they gave me a link for my friends to grab their own first album FREE.

You can follow the link HERE. Thanks for reading. ♥



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