It’s Inevitable

It’s inevitable. Kids will grow up. In this day and age that’s a scary thought. With social media apps and the dangers lurking there to cyber bullying. There’s a lot to be scared of when raising kids. When they are teens it seems those issues pile up and then you have to worry about sex, […]

Finally Printing Photos + FREE Chatbook Code

Once I had kids I went camera crazy. I still had a film camera in 2004 when my daughter was born. I remember being so selective in taking photos because I only had 24 or 48 photos on that roll of film. However what I really wanted to do was take All. The. Pictures. I wanted […]

1 Day to U-Day

1 day, 21 hours, 21 minutes and 47 seconds A little under two day to go. It’s weird that 5 years ago I didn’t feel my mortality as much when I had my ablation procedure. Albeit this hysterectomy is a little more intense and serious. I didn’t think I’d feel my mortality as much as […]

4 Days to U-Day

4 days, 14 hours, 12 minutes and 16 seconds This countdown calculator is moving too fast. I think someone moved the hands up or something. I’ve been trying to tie up loose ends with my digital designing business and make sure I have all my products done and ready for uploading. I have a few […]

13 Days to U-Day

13 days, 19 hours, 26 minutes and 15 seconds That’s the official countdown until my U-Day! (hysterectomy) I’ve started researching everything I can about recovery and life after my hysterectomy. My uterus has been a soldier through all of this. But she’s been wounded in battle and once she’s gone, I’m wondering about life after. […]

17 Days to U-Day

17 days, 18 hours, 38 minutes and 24 seconds That’s what my countdown calculator has from right now as I’m typing this to the day I have my hysterectomy. That is not long. I had a weird dream about my U-Day (uterus day for those that don’t get it) that had me getting dropped off […]

7 years of Seizures

Facebook. Many people have a love/hate relationship with it. I feel the same. Except when browsing through my “On This Day” feed. The On This Day feature brings your stories/statuses up from years past on each day. Today’s reminded me of just how long we’ve been dealing with Xzavier’s seizures. 7 long years. 7 years […]

24 Days to U-Day

If you Google heavy menstrual cycles you will undoubtedly come upon a plethora of links and websites with tons of information. You will find forums and health boards with women chatting back and forth about their experience with these heavy cycles and what has happened to them before, after, and during. Towards the end of 2009 […]

Wash Your Hands

They say when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. But what happens when life gives you “hand, foot, mouth” virus? You have no choice but to rearrange life so that you can get shit done. It started October the 7th. My son came home from school and didn’t feel well. He didn’t want dinner […]

Fruits of our Labor

We decided this year would be the year. I researched all winter on how to set up and maintain a container garden. We bought all the items needed to put the plan in motion. Then there was lots of TLC, water, and attention. More research when I found 2 huge green squishy things on my tomatoes. […]